Monday, January 24, 2011

Twenty minute reflection on my body

What can I actually feel of my body if I sit still with no distractions for twenty minutes?

feel waves of movement
gentle rocking back and forth with rhythm
insistent sharp hard feeling in chest extends forward and back to surface
tingling in legs, static
feel gentle, constant brush of fabric against my arms, legs, torso, feet
surface of the inside of my mouth
surface of the inside of my throat when i breathe in
can feel inside of ears; full buzzing round feeling
jaw tingling
stomach a stretched out fuzzy feeling attached to heart
sudden bright tingling in bowls down to thighs
can feel smooth backside of teeth; bumpy soft tongue
cold air on nose hairs
loud squeezing in chest, out to back
cold palms, fingertips, runs in shiver up arms to upper back
can't feel the tips of my ears

this is an intensely frustrating exercise in part because it is ridiculously difficult to describe the sensations felt by the body with any specificity and without resorting to generalities such as "feel heart beating" (which was my first inclination)

can i only feel the surface because the air is touching my skin? would i feel these things in a vacuum?

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