Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Possibilities for intervention

I'm going to visit the museum space tomorrow where our show will be held. It's currently closed to the public, but I went to Brian Wallace yesterday and asked if I could have access to photograph and measure the space. I feel like I'm in limbo-- I haven't been working on anything but writing since I got back Thursday night, and I feel like my making is stunted-- I can't truly start until I know what space I'm working with. And I can't imagine working with any other space in the museum other than the cave; a penninsula of space off the main gallery. I'm not sure what I'll do if I don't get that space.

I've been thinking more about the problem of repair-- there are no flaws in the gallery space that I know of (perhaps I will be happily mistaken) which would give me a chance to exploit the possibilities of spacial repair. There are, however, seams. The place where one wall meets another, where the floor meets the wall and the ceiling meets the wall; all interesting possibilities for interventions. Are there analogies for these seams in the human body or the familial body?

There are the seams where interior meets exterior; orifices. The seams between walls suggest the promise of an opening; a more mysterious orifice for we are inside a space rather than viewing it from the outside. (What would it be to tuck in the corners of a room?)

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