Monday, January 24, 2011

Thesis work

I currently have a rough draft of the four channel audio piece I plan to install in the four corners of the gallery space where my work will be shown. I'm embedding the file below, but if that doesn't work, it can also be found on youtube.


I'm also working on a new iteration of the Bone Line from last semester. Some changes I'm planning on making are:

-the piece will be comprised of 206 bones; the number in most human skeletons
-each bone will only appear once
-the line will taper in thickness from human scale at one end down to model scale at the other
-the bones will have a steel core to prevent them from snapping (still working on this)

Keith from sculpture has generously agreed to teach me how to weld. We start Wednesday.


A few things I want my thesis installation to accomplish:

Activate the space; cause viewers to take a closer look at the space, provide an immersive experience

Keep the space open, but limit access to the space, challenge the way people move about the space, provide confusion in what parts of the gallery people are able/allowed to access; this provides a more phenomenological experience rather than simply and intellectual one

Suggest a portrait of a dying body, capitalizing on the connection between museum and mausoleum (expand on this)

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