Sunday, February 13, 2011

Artist Statement

My most recent artist statement detailing the beginnings of the installation I have planned:

For my thesis, I propose a gallery installation composed of deftly integrated objects that mimic functional hardware used in the gallery space. The altered hardware will morph into bodily shapes, textures and groupings, highlighting the similarity between the corporeal body and the built environment.

The planned installation will be a continuation of my investigation on the nature of the body and its boundaries.

Artist Statement:
The gallery is a temple constructed to take us out of time and place, to make us forget, if only momentarily, that our bodies are in a continual state of decay. But if death is the absence of life, a stillness of mind and body never realized in the process of living, then it is in the process of dying that one is most alive; it is in the throes of death that entropy is most apparent. The finely crafted fa├žade of the gallery presents us with an idealized death; a death free of entropy. Within the white walls of the gallery lies the inevitability of change. Paint chips, baseboards curl, revealing the subtle wounds inflicted by time. My thesis work resurrects the dead body of the gallery, to present this fictive space as a dying body, struggling against and yet ultimately succumbing to decay, mimicking the state of our corporeal bodies. Functional hardware of the gallery is altered, evolving into a state of dysfunction; outlet covers stretch, fold and slump like a swelling waistline. Plug tines wilt, replaced by new growth that imitates their transformed outlets. The gallery space is morphed to reflect the function and dysfunction of our lived bodies. Its unsullied trappings are peeled back in a tragic, melancholy celebration of the beauty of life as it races toward its own un-becoming.

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