Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are Gentle Observations Enough?

I've been trying to incorporate the idea of place, of site related-ness into my thesis work. Using the logic of the space and confounding it, hopefully resulting in a strange, gradually arresting experience for the audience. I'm thinking of adding more light switches and outlets to the the space, remaking them in a dysfunctional way, while suggesting the possibility of function and possible evolution.

But I'm still not comfortable calling what I'm doing Art. Maybe, just maybe art, but certainly not Art. Part of this reasoning comes from, as I began to understand in London, the deep-seated feelings I have regarding gentle observations. Many artists today use Selection and Choice as their primary tools. Gabriel Orozco's photographs are a perfect example, as are his Yogurt Caps. (See below, Crazy Tourist, 1991).

Akin to the casual style of the above Orozco work is that of Neil Drabble. I saw a show of his work at the GOODEN Gallery in London. It was called The Great Masturbator on Holiday, and was filled with small, impromptu pieces created during the artist's recent vacation, using only materials on hand.

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