Friday, April 8, 2011

Outline for M. Friday Class Presentation

Topic: Contemporary Craft and Craftivism

Questions to ask students to consider during the presentation: How does craft affect my studio practice? How do my ideas regarding craft alter my perception of artwork? What makes a successful work of art? When is craftsmanship an issue? When is it not an issue?

-Going to be talking about Craft and its relationship to Art
-Define Craft as a noun
-Define craft as a verb
-Define Craft as a field of study
*academic craft vs traditional craft vs DIY

-Talk about the history of Craft
*guilds of the Middle Ages (Bayeaux Tapestry)
*William Morris, the Arts and Crafts Movement
*Bauhaus, Black Mountain College
*WWII and the GI Bill
*Current trends in the Crafts field: Museum of Art and Design

-Craft exists in a precarious place; talk about Craft's relationship with Design and with Art, quote from Garth Clark's "The Death of Craft"

-Talk about the future of Craft
*the use of craft in art (work after Unmonumental)
*'Craft is Mexico' quote
*the performance impulse in Craft (Gabriel Craig)
*liminal work; artists working in the margins of Craft
*what is the difference between a successful Craft object and a successful Art object?
*talk about venues for Craft and Craft's confusing and occasionally problematic relationship with its perceived audience

*provide definition to this relatively new trend
*talk a bit about the history of fiber arts
*talk about the importance of community building in Craftivism
*provide examples of recent Craftivist projects

-Leave at least 20 mins for discussion; answer any questions and ask them to talk about the questions posed at the beginning of the presentation

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