Sunday, April 25, 2010

Schneemenan, Abromovic

Schneeman, Meat Joy, 1964

"Meat Joy has the character of an erotic rite: excessive, indulgent, a celebration of flesh as material: raw fish, chickens, sausages, wet paint, transparent plastic, rope brushes, paper scrap. It's propulsion is toward the ecstatic-- shifting and turning between tenderness, wilderness, precision, abandon: qualities which could at any moment be sensual, comic, joyous, repellent."

Imponderabilia, 1977

Interview with Abromovic, taken from magazine New York Art,
"Provocateur: Marina Abramovic", Karen Rosenberg, Published Dec 4, 2005

How would your work be different if a man performed it?
I really think there’s no difference between an art piece made by a man and one made by a woman. Is it a good art piece or a bad art piece? Of course, if you’re female, you’re maybe dealing with different issues.

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